Lessons From The World's Most Interesting Man

Could the playground at your local park be the elusive Fountain of Youth?

Never Leave The Playground!

Applying the methods of the world's most renowned strength coach, Charles Poliqiun

What is a Poliquin-Trained Strength Coach and how can one help you become leaner and stronger?

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Are you in search of the perfect diet?

When was the last time you saw a lion reading a diet book?


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What criteria do we use to consider ourselves to be normal body weight?

American standards of healthy weight has changed dramatically in the past 100 years

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A Day at Holistic Wellness Network with Naief Medina

To be the best, learn from the best

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Still belching/burping after you eat?

Motorcycle race crash at 120 mph rehabilitation pain testimonial from Chatham NJ NKT therapy

From a scheduled surgery to 100% pain free in only 2 sessions of Neurokinetic Therapy

This is what happens when you get a proper evaluation and prescription of corrective exercise, and another example of what is possible with a bit of knowledge of the etiology of pain.

How Different Quality of Life is vs Quantity of Life

Living your life to the fullest is optimized by these 6 foundational principles


Breathing - Thoughts - Exercise - Nutrition - Water - Sleep

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Times have not changed at all since advertising has began

Start your kids addiction early!!!

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