"What I like most about having John as my Corrective Exercise Specialist is that his workout routines are exactly tailored to my body's needs. Through working with him I have gained strength and confidence in my body's abilities. John is also very intuitive, and I trust his spiritual guidance. His unique combination of EFT and personal training work harmoniously to connect body, mind and spirit. I highly recommend working with him."   


Kerstin W.


I have been afraid of paper cutters all my life.  When John came to our school for a demonstration on how EFT can help you overcome your fears, he used me as an example.  I was skeptical at first but when he was done, I was able to confidently use the paper cutter and not be afraid.  Six months later, I am still not afraid.
He has turned me into a true believer.

Alison Hipscher


FYI on lab tests:

•Total cholesterol – down 37 points to 235.

•LDL – down 26 points to 156

•Triglycerides – down 42 points

•A new measure called LDL Density Pattern – A/B, described as “Abnormal”

All results done naturally with metabolic typing diet and without the use of harmful drugs.

Linda N.


I can never thank you enough for my "new knee".
Valerie C.


I'm 64 and have never been bothered by back or hip pains or problems,

but after shoveling snow one day, I developed a severe pain in my left

hip below my waist.  At times the level of pain would increase to the

point where it felt like a muscle spasm, making it very difficult to lean

forward and/or straighten up.  It was also painful to walk. This went on for a couple of days before I visited you at which time you stretched and manipulated my hip and the muscles to the point where the pain seemed to go away.  In fact, within 2 days after my visit, it was totally gone and has returned for going on six weeks.

Thanks very much!

Paul C.


I really enjoyed the workshop you gave on Thursday. I think it really helped me with my fear of heights.

Lisa P.


Just to let you know, your work on my legs made a huge difference.  I even was able to get through dinner and the theatre in NYC and still walk out!

I have worked the John Tsafos over four years.  He is a consummate professional, thoroughly educated in human anatomy and nutrition.  I am one of his older clients.  He has enabled me to perform at higher levels and improved my over-all condition.



Hello John,

It shows that
it touches you deep
the sacred light
of a human's wish

Thank you for following your Spiritual Path by
giving of yourself and your time last week…

With gratitude,

Gloria B.  Divine Inspirations Book Store, Nutley, NJ


I have been working with John of Holisitc Wellness Network for over six years.  John's efforts and mine have resulted in a substantial transformation of my body in terms of mind-body connection, body awareness, core and other muscle strength and flexibility.  When I started with John I was a hunched-over, tightly-wound type A workaholic lawyer.  Now my posture is correct, my body and mind are open, and I have an awareness of my body and a confidence that shines from the inside, out.  Thank you, John!

Tom Waldman

It was with great pleasure that I offer this letter of support of Frank Villani.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Frank for over 12 years and I have worked with Frank as a personal fitness trainer/coach for the last 10 years.  Given my personal health situation and my professional position, I know first hand about dealing with chronic pain. First, I suffer from severe gout and need to be very careful with my diet and activities.  Second, I am a board certified Pain Management Physician and I serve as medical director of Morristown Memorial Hospital’s Pain Management Center for the last 20 years.  I treat patients who have chronic neck, low back and arthritic pain complaints. I have recommended Frank to many of my patients because I know first hand his ability to tailor a fitness program to the client.  Frank’s dedication and knowledge has allowed me to continue to participate in all activities despite my health issues.  Frank has orchestrated programs for me to maximize my conditioning for extreme alpine skiing as well as for recreational golf. I have become much more flexible and less prone to injury by working with Frank. Frank is an extremely hardworking, motivated person.  He would certainly be a major asset to any organization that utilizes his skill, knowledge and dedication to fitness.

Michael E. Rudman, MD

It is incredibly easy to write in support of the important training Frank Villani has offered me in the last four years.  And while I have had many trainers who have helped with orthopedic and health issues, I have never worked with anyone who had such a complete view of what constitutes a healthy system.  He has guided me about strength training, flexibility, balance, and weight control.  BUT he has also introduced me to varied nutritional and psychological approaches.  As a psychoanalyst and psychologist, I have appreciated the depth and diversity of his knowledge.  He sets standards and knows how to persist, when my interest may flag.  Furthermore, he is always growing, taking courses, programs to develop his knowledge base in so many areas.  While I am interested in general health and work on osteoporosis type exercises, he has been knowledgeable and helpful with my grandson a competitive golfer.  It is with great certainty that I can attest to the superb ability of Frank Villani.

Vicki Granet Semel, PsyD., Ph.D.

Frank has been training me for the past 10 years.  I have stayed with Frank for so long because I find his training to be effective and mentally stimulating.  He is constantly upgrading his skills and knowledge and finding unique and interesting ways to keep me motivated and engaged.  As an aging (45 years old) endurance racer, I need to keep in shape year round, so as not losing any fitness level during the off-season.  And I need to do this while keeping injury-free.  Frank has been great about incorporating activities into the workout that make me stronger for my racing.  I recommend him unconditionally.

Brett Prager

“I’ve been an athlete all my life. And I have always struggled to properly organize my training to maximize progress without injury. Frank introduced me to methods that work and he takes the extra effort to uniquely design training sessions for my needs.  His philosophies make “athletic sense” and are grounded in practical, useful techniques. The results have been amazing. Forget one-size-fits-all workouts; Goodbye “no pain no gain” mentality; Hello greater athleticism.  “If this continues, I may come out of retirement and play professional football again.”

Jim LaChance

Frank’s knowledge of training, health, flexibility, lifestyle, and nutrition was very impressive. Any questions I had for him he knew the answer right away or had the information at his fingertips. Being an athlete my whole life, I thought I knew everything about physical training and eating healthy. But I was missing a lot of information. My lifestyle, mentality and health improved dramatically after a month of training. As a result my physical appearance was changing and I was excited. With Frank’s knowledge and seeing the changes in my body, I started eating healthier and feeling much better during the day.

Not only did Frank help me become healthier, he improved my performance ten fold. In my first year in minor league baseball I had a mediocre season, which I didn’t make stand out. A year training with Frank, I went back for my second year and had an all-star performance. My numbers were so impressive I received many awards and it was noticed throughout the organization. I have to give credit to Frank for getting me ready to perform at a high level for the whole season. You could see my energy and stamina lasting longer than the rest of my teammates.

Frank has helped me realize how much dedication it takes to become an elite athlete who wants to perform at a high level all the time. Frank is a willing teacher who has the ability to teach optimal health to a wide range of people. I have to thank Frank for giving me the knowledge and motivation to succeed. Frank is a true friend, great trainer and expects one to tap in to their true potential

Santo Maertz

Minor League Baselball Player

To date I have lost 23 pounds following all the advice from Frank Villani. I have gone from a size 12 (tight) to a size 8. It has been a fun and non-stressful experience. I have also seen great improvement in my physical health and ability aswell as my mental well being.  Frank’s programs are such great motivational tools and sources of nutritional/fitness information. I am always looking forward to the next sessions to become stronger and healthy overall.

Patricia Trimmer   

Since Frank Villani became a part of my lifestyle, I have started eating healthier foods and even working out on my own sometimes. A lot of the exercises demonstrated and performed have greatly enhanced my mobility and decreased my pains. I rarely have pain and when I do, the exercises and new found knowledge help immediately. I can now pick up my 3 year old daughter with no trouble due to my increase in energy and fitness know-how. I feel better overall and look leaner and fit! The knowledge gained from this fitness professional has totally changed my life!

Philicia Levinson 

Frank Villani has given me a new perspective on the importance of examining all the aspects of my life and how they relate to my overall health and fitness. Listening to the Frank’s guidance and philosophy creates such a positive outlook on health and becomes infectious, and in turn, has brought me closer to reaching my fitness goals. Before I started the program I was feeling sluggish, had daily headaches, and just lost my enthusiasm for the thing I really enjoy doing, working out. After receiving the useful information, I began feeling more energetic, headaches were decreasing, and most importantly I was beginning to enjoy my workouts again. It’s hard to believe all this came from just showing up and “following the leader.”  I would recommend this Frank’s programs for anyone who is serious about wanting to raise their level of fitness.

Susan Lance  

Before joining Frank Villani’s fitness journey, I thought I was in good condition and doing OK. That illusion was broken after my first few meetings with Frank. It was a wake up call! I did not realize how much higher I could set my goals. Now I am motivated to exercise consistently 4-5 times a week. The workouts include strength, cardio and flexibility training and I also access the resources on the website for additional information to utilize in my regimen. Overall, this new found knowledge has enabled me to maintain my weight while building muscle. I have improved my cardiovascular condition, flexibility and core strength. I have more energy throughout the day, and rarely get tired mid-day anymore. Lastly, I am able to play golf without any soreness.

Robert Kuhl