Still belching/burping after you eat?

Belching/Burping Is Natural, But Not Normal

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There are a few main reasons why people burp.  One is LOW acid in the stomach that causes indigestion. Indigestion: Not fully digesting your food. This does not mean upset belly.  Most people can't feel anything from indigestion.  They simply have symptoms like burping.  Having low acid is usually from not challenging your stomach enough with good quality proteins or from a weakened immune system that causes all of your systems to run at a lower capacity.  For instance, eating sugar lowers your immune system for many hours.  Doing so day after day will eventually lose some of your digestive function. 

Another cause is having your stomach pulled up through your diaphragm which does not allow for the main valve to close off your stomach from your esophagus.  This in turn causes a constant burping or acid type feeling in the esophagus.  The main culprit in this scenario is from sitting in chairs and slouching over your belly.  This position cuts off proper diaphragm function which leads the stomach back up through the diaphragm. 

The most common reason people burp is from eating foods that you are intolerant to, most commonly: All Grains, Processed Dairy, Processed Salt, Processed Sugars, Beans, Nuts, Seeds, Soy, Canola Oil of any sort (which is all genetically modified toxic waste), or any other oil that has been modified from it's original form (Hydrogenated Oils).  The first thing we do with new clients is pull all of these out of the diet and replace them with real whole foods to see how much of their "feeling bad" came from the food and not just because they don't move as much as they used to.  It's important to note all changes made in your body and where they came from because you would want to know what was causing your ailments and you will never have to repeat it again.  If you change too many things at once, you may not know the exact culprit in your diminishing health.  I personally was grain free (gluten free) for years, but still had a few slight issues that I was dealing with.  So, I started pulling out things that were remaining in my diet that might be causing the problems.  I pulled things out one by one until I noticed a dramatic change.  When I pulled all dairy out of my diet, I lost 20 pounds in 30 days.  My energy shot through the roof, and I never felt better in my life.  I dropped 6 inches from my waist as well.  I would consider that very significant.

So, make slow changes and take notice to what those changes are doing to you.  You are the best judge when you learn to listen to all the signals your body is telling you. 

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