Who do I go see when I'm not feeling well?

My fellow Chek Practitioners of course!

Major Benefits of Coconut Oil

My favorite Coconut Oil Brand - Tropical Traditions

32-oz. - Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil - 1 quart

Not feeling well? Do the opposite of what got you there...

6 Foundational Principals of Optimal Health

Why are there no diseased, fat, or unhealthy wild animals?

Indigenous people who have been eating the same way for 1,000's of years and wild animals both don't know what disease is

Fluoridation of your community water supply, Summit NJ

Live in Union County NJ? You've are being medicated

Is your bra choking you?

Your Bra and Breathing - A man made invention that does more harm than good


Hospital Food and Your Health

Why are we being fed the worst food on the planet in our most advanced hospitals?

Breath in the Air to Correct Posture - Inhale, Exhale, Pause

Inhale into extension, exhale into flexion - Which one are you doing more of?

Movement - Infant Development

How our posture develops in utero to 12 months of age