Applying the methods of the world's most renowned strength coach, Charles Poliqiun

What is a Poliquin-Trained Strength Coach and how can one help you become leaner and stronger?

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Roughly, about 2 years I ago decided to take part in Charles Poliquin's PICP (Poliquin International Certification Program) Internship in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. The PICP Internship consists of 5 Levels that teaches personal trainers and strength coaches the nuances of creating superior athletes through the mastery of program design, client assessments, functional anatomy, and many of Charles' specific training methodologies. I first heard about Charles Poliquin through one my other mentors Paul Chek. I recognized the amount of respect that Paul Chek had for the techniques he learned from Charles Poliquin and just like the curious little kid I am I needed to find out more about who this guy was. Throughout the last two years I have managed to complete the Level 1 and Level 2 components of the PICP Internship, become a Biosignature Practitioner (will write about this in my next blog) and a PIMST (Poliquin Instant Muscle Strengthening Technique) Practitioner (will also write a future blog about this in the near future). As you can see I was impressed by what the guy had to say and I am excited to continue to learn more from Mr. Poliquin.
As a PICP Coach we are taught how to perform Structural Balance assessments to identify an athlete's or client's weakest link in terms of relative strength throughout the Upper and Lower Extremities. The underlying principle behind the Structural Balance assessment is that if strength is developed in one part of the body (the quads for example) in disregard to the strength of another part of the body (the upper back muscles for example) an athlete's results will plateau until the underlying weakness is addressed. Once the weaknesses have been properly addressed athletes will often times see dramatic increases in performance and overall strength as the body has been brought back into a state of optimal balance which is ideal for the expression of true strength.

Here's an example of ideal Structural Balance, this is Marilou Dozois-Prévost (48 kg ,101.41 lb, Canadian Olympic Weightlifter) being coached by Charles Poliquin as she performs a full range Front Squat with 64 kg , 140.8 lbs.


We are also taught how to design specific exercise protocols for the specific goals of fat loss, functional hypertrophy, relative strength, and strength endurance. Simply, what this means is that whatever you goal might be we are taught how to create an individualized program to help you see real results. PICP coaches are sought after for their ability to get results and Charles Poliquin's PICP Internship is definitely setting the bar a lot higher for personal trainers and strength coaches.

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