A Day at Holistic Wellness Network with Naief Medina

To be the best, learn from the best

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My name is Naief Medina and I am the newest addition to the coaching staff at Holistic Wellness Network (HWN). At HWN John Tsafos is determined to provide clients with the best. Whether it be the quality of workouts or the level of knowledge/experience held by trainers the standards at Holistic Wellness are set very high. Part of my interview process included spending an entire day with John, so I could fully wrap my head around what I was signing myself up for. Here is a quick recap of my day at Holistic Wellness Network:
I arrived at HWN around 8am and by that time John was already in session with a client. This particular client was coming in feeling very anxious and stressed, so John proceeded to teach him a series of movements that when coupled with the breath, quickly helped to de-stress his body. Throughout the session John and I both observed that the client was having difficulty with one of the movements. Luckily, for this client, John is one of 20 Advanced Level NKT Practitioners in the country. So, John then proceeded to have the client lay down on the massage table, so he could quickly assess what muscle or muscles were causing this client a problem. After identifying where the "glitch" was, John cleaned up the dysfunction and asked the client to continue with the particular movement. Within a matter of minutes the client saw a dramatic difference in how easy and smooth the movement felt. AMAZING!
Right after helping a client learn how to de-stress the music was cranked up to prepare the studio for a Total Body Conditioning class. The class consisted of a strong group of women looking for a good workout and without me knowing I was the designated co-instructor. The women performed several variations of squats, lunges, crawling movements, pushups, sled pushes, rope pulls, and core exercises  The class went over very well, the women were amazing. 
Next, I got to shadow John as he did some Holistic Lifestyle Coaching (HLC) with a new client. The session was very informative and enlightening for me as I got to see how John guides his client through a series of questions that allows THEM to identify where they are holding themselves back. Traditionally, when a client meets with a coach they are anticipating to to be told what to do, but what I saw with John's approach was much more powerful. The client left the session with a few homework assignments that SHE PICKED OUT FOR HERSELF, and immediately she started to see which habits, people, and ithoughts about herself were holding her back from having the energy she was seeking.
As soon as John was done with the HLC session we headed over to a meeting with the local Lululemon store in Summit, NJ where we were meeting with the Store Managers in order to speak about teaming up with them in order to provide both of our clientele with an even greater overall experience. The meeting went over extremely well, and I am sure John will be sharing the details with you guys fairly soon.
Overall, I had a great time meeting many of the clients who train with John and getting to experience a day at Holistic Wellness Network. The most impressive and exciting aspect of my visit to HWN was observing how different each hour was while I was there. One minute John was teaching a person how to use Qi Gong and the next minute he is instructing a high energy group class. It almost seems like in order to be successful at HWN a trainer needs to be extremely versatile, and that in itself is very exciting for me.

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