Lessons From The World's Most Interesting Man

Could the playground at your local park be the elusive Fountain of Youth?

Never Leave The Playground!

At your mid-60s do you picture yourself rollerblading, jumping over hurdles, and having better balance than most 20 year olds.  Stephen Jepsen believes that the key to beating father time is to never stop playing, and to constantly challenge your body and mind. He tight ropes, juggles, skateboards, and attempts to master skills with both hands and feet. He does all of this to constantly stimulate his brain to create new pathways and to keep his physical body from ever becoming stagnate. Jepsen refused to believe that growing old also meant slowing down and forgetting how to be kid. Exercise shouldn't be another task on your to-do list, exercise should be fun just like it was when you were child.  I am positive that if we replace the word exercise with play I am sure there would be many more happy, fit people in this world.

Here are 5 lessons we can learn from Stephen that you can apply in your life to beat father time:

1. As Stephen said "Be Bold" do what makes you feel young and happy

2. Get out and PLAY! Here at Holistic Wellness Network, we have a ton of toys for you to re-learn how to play

3. Challenge your balance 

4. Learn how to perform tasks with both hands and feet. As it will also lead to improved balance of body and mind

5. Your spirit can be as old as you want it to be

Time is the one thing we all have a finite amount of, so why not use it to be as happy you could possibly be.

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