Are you in search of the perfect diet?

When was the last time you saw a lion reading a diet book?


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How ironic is it that we possess the intelligence to place a man on the moon, but to this day we have more people confused about what to eat then ever in history? With over 70,000 diet books that all proclaim to have the perfect diet, why is it that we still haven't gotten it right. I think it's because no one has yet to write the book that pertains to dealing with YOUR body. This "book" holds all the secrets to amazing health, it's free and you are the only one who owns a copy of it, YOUR BODY. 
Your body is constantly providing you with signs and messages regarding what it is you must eat. But for many reasons (which are beyond the scope of this short blog) people have lost touch with this primal instinct to properly nourish to their body and mind. A perfect example of this can be seen in nature, as when was the last time you saw a lion grazing on grass and a giraffe feeding on animal meat. These animals do not have dedicated food specialist, diet books, or a list of foods to eat. They just instinctively know which foods provide them with the energy they need to survive. 
This idea that there is a perfect diet that we must all follow is great for book publishing companies, but very bad for our health. In my experience the diet that was working for my client last week could be completely different from the diet they need today. As our needs change based upon our external stressors (mental stress, physical stress, climate, etc.) our diet must change to allow our body to adequately deal with those stressors. That is why at Holistic Wellness Network we do not provide clients with cookie-cutter approaches to diet or exercise. Instead, we coach clients through a process that helps them identify which foods and what combination of those foods moves them closer towards their goal. Learning to eat doesn't have to be complicated, and if you ever need prove just out into nature and simply watch.

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