Goodbye to my Sweaty, Cold Hands

Solving The Cold Sweaty Hands Conundrum

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Hydration Series Part 3 - Chatham, NJ - Personal Training

The Secrets of Salt

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Important Message To New Moms and Dads - Chatham, NJ

Don't Let Your Hospital Choose For You

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Pemmican - One of the most nutritious concoctions you can make

Modern Day Pemmican+

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Prepare Meat with Celtic Sea Salt + Any Spice or Herbs you desire, for this spoonful here I used Oregano. Then fry meat in Organic Butter under medium heat, until meat browns, you can place a lid on the pan to retain moisture.

Grass-Fed vs. Corn-Fed Beef

How real farmers use technologies without taking out natures way


Now you are not allowed to lift weights in some gyms

No Dead Lifting, or Else!

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Results of NKT on baseball athlete with dislocating shoulder Chatham, NJ

New shoulder in 5 minutes with Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT)