"I can't" is the only dirty four letter word in peoples vocabulary

"I can't, I can't do that exercise or eat that way"

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What's in your kids chicken nuggets?

What is in your diet? - Processed Food!

Gut Health - Wheat Belly or Beer Belly?

What’s the difference between bread and beer? Alcohol…

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Zumba - Chatham, NJ - Holistic Wellness Network Personal Training

Zumba is now in Chatham, NJ!!! Sign up today for our next available class

Are you ready to party yourself into shape? That’s exactly what the Zumba® program is all about. It’s an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party™ that’s moving millions of people toward joy and health.

Body Building or Body Draining? Holistic Wellness Network Personal Training - Chatham, NJ

What a weight loss coach can do for you - What kind of body are you building?

Pilates - More harm than good?

Yes, more harm and very little good with Pilates

Ouch! I look at this and cringe. Look at the U-shaped flexion she is creating with this popular movement.  She is placing herself in the exact position we call "upper cross syndrome" or "forward head posture".