TV is not rudely interupted by commercials

Commercials are rudely interrupted by TV shows...

All the effort you are making will ultimately pay off

Wisdom from a fortune cookie

Disease or Dis-Ease?

How things change when you remove a hyphen in the word disease. 

Qi Gong to work in - not work out

Are you working-in or working-out today?

Paul Chek - Demonstrating a form of Qi Gong

Sit a lot? Hip & Back Extension Will Work Like Magic

Wake up your posture muscles!

Tired? Stressed? Maybe Adrenal Fatigued?

Dry mouth can equate fight or flight

What kind of toast would you like with your eggs?

Wheat belly due to complience

"You have an aspirin deficiency, not a headache"

Treating headaches by not masking the symptom

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