Fluoridation of your community water supply, Summit NJ

Live in Union County NJ? You've are being medicated

"If you are putting a chemical in the water supply to do something to the actual water (chlorine), that may have a valid reason for taking place, but when you put a chemical in the water with reason to treat the human population (not the water) - you are medicating us without any informed consent".  - David Getoff

This simply is illegal and yet it happens all over the country due to high paying lobbyists. Be informed about what goes into your body and especially don't just accept things politicians say are safe.  That's like listening to your doctor talk about nutrition.  Doctors study drugs and take zero to 2 hours of nutrition (at best!) in their entire medical education. Hopefully, this video will help educate you on water fluoridation at the viewpoint of someone who studies water fluoridation.

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