Who do I go see when I'm not feeling well?

My fellow Chek Practitioners of course!

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I always seek the assistance of my fellow Chek Practitioners when I'm feeling out of balance or need some body work done.  We are a family of over 10,000 strong throughout the world so there is always one nearby.  You can simply go on www.chekconnect.com/">https://www.chekconnect.com/" target="_blank">ChekConnect.com towww.chekconnect.com/Page/SearchForm">https://www.chekconnect.com/Page/SearchForm" target="_blank"> "Find a Practitioner" link to locate one near you.

The specialty work we do is very unique and multidiciplanary.  We assess your breathing, diet, mental and emotional wellbeing, structure or postural health, muscular skeletal imbalances, organ stress, muscular strength, and sports performance.  So, you can seek out 10 doctors, therapists, and massage therapists or 1 highly trained Chek Practitioner.  We as humans are made up of a system of many systems. Treating the spot that hurts and ignoring the rest of the organism is silly in our opinion.  I used to use the example of a baseball player who kept throwing out his shoulder until someone (Chek Practitioner) did a full assessment and figured out that the player had a small pain on his big toe, which the player would avoid while throwing, that caused the improper throwing pattern in his shoulder.  We find the problem in your big toe...

Now Serving Chatham, Madison, Morristown, Summit, Short Hills, Millburn, Springfield, New Providence, Florham Park, Woodland Park, Mountainside, Berkeley Heights, Convent Station, Livingston, Maplewood, and various parts of Union, Morris and Essex County, NJ (New Jersey). We have personal trainers that suit every need.