Real Food, Water, and Quiet

I'm sometimes called an "extremist" when it comes to how I live my life.  I demand eating real food, drink clean water, and get to bed on time.  Is that so extreme?

Correctly using cross fit training - Chatham, NJ - Holistic Wellness Network Personal Training

Partner Training - A smarter version of CrossFit that will not leave you injured

Barefoot Walking - Corrective Exercise - Chatham, NJ - Holistic Wellness Network Personal Training

Barefoot - Orthotics - Vibrams Five Finger sneakers are the closest you will get to being barefoot.

Wheat Belly and Underground Wellness with Sean Croxton

Still eating Wheat? Got a Belly? Listen up!

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4 Devils and 4 Angels of our food intake: Why eating Paleo is the healthiest approach to eating

The 4 white devils: They are "white" because they are void of color through processing the nutrition out of each item.  Dairy, salt, sugar, and wheat have a yellow hue in their natural state.