Is your bra choking you?

Your Bra and Breathing - A man made invention that does more harm than good


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First of all, if everyone learned how to correctly utilize their own support mechanisms, they would not "need" a bra.  That said, I wanted to cover a very important topic regarding breathing and your bra.  This involves the restriction of your ribs from naturally expanding and contracting.  The lower strap that wraps around your ribs, crossing your spine, is my main concern.  When this strap is too tight, it immediately activates your accessory breathing muscles and limits your diaphragm from correctly working.  When your ribs lock up from non-use, they eventually stay that way until you are trained out of that position by a corrective exercise specialist or CHEK practitioner.  Breathing is on the top of our totem pole for being the most important function the body must perform or you will die.  Limiting this most important function will ultimately tell your body it is slowly dying.  You can create adhesions in most of your upper body including the intercostal muscles which I find most people are completely unaware of (until I stick my thumb between their ribs to remind them). 

How to fix this:

1. Don't wear a bra!


2. Wear one that allows you to be able to stick two fingers between your skin and the horizontal strap.

If you have any red marks from wearing a bra, its a fast indication that it is way too tight.  Leaving it this way can and will also block lymphatic flow and drainage.  This can lead into many diseases that I will not get into with this posts. 

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