Oil of Oregano - Best antibiotic without all the side effects

The Power of Oregano

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If you have been with us for some time now, or have recently started up with us you have probably heard us rave about how effective our products from North American Herb and Spice are. While performing an assignment for my Experimental Psychology course I came across this article on the NY Times website talking about how commercial farmers in Pennsylvania are replacing the antibiotic they feed chickens with oil of oregano. 
The use of antibiotics while initially motivated by the "fear" of the spread of E. coli has led to the growth and spread of antibiotic resistant strands of bacteria, or "superbugs". These antibiotic resistant strands are even more of a reason to avoid commercially raised animal products and opt for animal sources that have been allowed to live and eat as close to how nature intended. Chickens are not vegetarians, and cows don't like tofu (soy).
While the use of oregano oil is a small step in the right direction for big Agriculture, what this article truly shows is how effective these Oregano-based products can be at;
  • fighting off infections and germs
  • ridding the body of unwanted parasites and worms 
  • boosting the immune system
  • fighting off colds and seasonal flu
  • and as an anti-inflammatory 
We are very proud to be the only personal training studio in New Jersey to house their products and we will continue to bring you guys only the best. I'm interested in hearing what you guys think about this, so please leave a comment below. Those of you whom are already familiar with the Oregano Oil products how have they helped you?
Naief Medina

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