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Remember The Foundation Principles

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Change in this 2013 has been happening and it has been happening very fast. Clients are becoming healthier, some are becoming dads and moms, some are starting to find their purpose in life, and some are starting to realize they are the creator's of their own pain. With all of this change happening all around us I wanted to give all a quick reminder to not forget the basics;

Breathing, Hydration, Thoughts, Sleep, Nutrition, and Movement

All of them are essential to help your body transition through all of the change that is happening RIGHT now. This week I am going to provide you guys with a crash course on Hydration starting with 4 quick tips to keep your aqueous body flowing smoothly throughout the day

1 ReMineralize your water by adding a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt to your Water

As one of my clients says, "a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt makes you a better person"

2 Aim to drink at least Half your Bodyweight in Fluid Ounces of Mineral Rich Water

One Liter is equal to 33 fl oz

3 Wait 15 minutes after your meal to drink water. It's ok to sip throughout your meal, especially with a hint of lemon

Digestion in the stomach needs a very acidic environment and more water is definitely not going to create an optimal "acid" environment

4 Keep a constant supply of water around you at all times.

If your goal is 2 Liters a day keep 2 Liters of water around you all day. If it's 3 Liters break it up throughout the day, but whatever you do hit your water goal and be consistent

Be consistent and you will thank me later!




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