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The Secrets of Salt

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One of the key recommendations we give for most, if not all, clients that walk through our door is the addition of unprocessed sea salt, preferably Celtic Sea Salt, to their water and food. Salt has gotten a very bad reputation within the last 30-40 years and this is, in large part, due to the fact that the salt(white table salt) that most people consume is not the same salt that our paleolithic ancestors or even our grandparents thrived on. 
The salt that we have today is completely foreign to our bodies, as it is stripped of all essential trace minerals, electrolyte-balancing and health promoting properties. This is clearly seen in common table salt due to the fact that the salt is purely white. An unprocessed, natural salt has a color/tint that is specific to the combination of minerals that make up that salt. Some of the key nutrients and minerals found in salt, like Celtic Sea Salt or Himalayan Sea Salt, are magnesium, selenium, calcium, manganese, iodine, potassium, and chloride. All of these minerals are essential for optimal functioning of the human body and the white stuff that most people consume is completely empty of any these key nutrients. 
To see how this all ties in with hydration, we must understand that the human body consists of 70-75% of an aqueous solution that consists of all of these key minerals especially sodium, potassium, magnesium and chloride. Every cell in your body is highly dependent on all of these minerals to perform their duties as effectively as possible.
Anytime you introduce just one of these minerals in isolation, the body must extract key minerals from other parts of the body to create a balanced solution throughout the body. So, if you drink mineral-depleted water and lots of processed, white salt, you are essentially diluting your body of all these important nutrients and creating further dehydration. 
Prior to the use of paper money, unprocessed salt was worth its weight in gold. Ancient wisdom saw the value in unprocessed salt, and if we are to return our bodies to an optimal level of health and vitality, it is important that we add to our diets a daily supply of this health-promoting substance.
If you have ever suffered from severe muscle cramps, do yourself a favor, and cook with some Celtic Sea Salt while also adding a pinch to your water. You will thank me later when you are not awakened in the middle of the night with a horrific calf cramp. I am speaking from experience! :)
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