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Thirst or Hunger?

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There is something really funny about water that I wish to share with you guys today, and that is "water is super important to the body". How important is it, well here is a list of things that your body will sacrifice in order to properly hydrate itself;

your joints
your liver
your colon
your six pack abs
your smooth cellulite-free thighs
your wrinkle-free face
and when things get very severe any and all tissues that hold water

Our body's are incredible water-partitioning machines, in that it calculates at every second of the day where it is in need of more water. If you go back to the list above you will see that certain things are less important to the body, and these are typically the first places that water will be pulled from to keep more important things (the brain, the heart, blood-brain barrier, and your cells) functioning optimally. It has been documented that even a 1% dehydrated can cause a dramatic flux in normal brain function. Water is so important to the body that it has even developed really cool techniques to trick people into drinking more water. One of these techniques is to make you crave foods, especially foods that naturally contain lost of water. Unfortunately, our bodies have yet to adapt to the fact that in today's world most foods are completely dehydrated, processed, and depleted of any life-sustaining nutrients. 

So here is the question I am going to pose for you guys, "Are you truly hungry or are you just THIRSTY?". To help you answer this question, here are some recommendations;
  • Next time you get a craving for food that is not near your typical eating hours DRINK A CUP OF WATER WITH A PINCH OF CELTIC SEA SALT (we will be covering Celtic Sea Salt in the next part of this series)
  • If you feel better after drinking some water but are still craving food DRINK SOME MORE WATER
  • Allow yourself to sit and feel how your body truly feels as most of the time the "hunger" sensation will disappear
  • If after drinking some water and giving yourself time to "feel" your body you are still hungry, then EAT!
In Part 3 of the Hydration Series, I will talk a bit more about Celtic Sea Salt but in the meantime drink some water it will make you a better person!
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