Your super market in a nutshell - Eating real foods and using household products without dangerous chemicals

This is who really owns and produces most products that are forced down consumers throats

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When a small hand full of companies control the food and household products supply in the country, we are moving closer to what my mentor calls "Soilent Green" times.  If you have never seen the movie Soilent Green, it's a rude awaking to what is happening today.  People are having less and less knowledge about what is going into their bodies because of confusing, misleading, and false advertising from these companies listed above.  Unfortunately, this is what happens when advertising dollars controls the thoughts and feelings of the general public.  I challenge anyone to pick up any one of the products from the above list and see if you can clearly identify each and every ingredient in their products.  We have a simple rule with food choice. "If you can't pronounce the ingredient, don't eat it".  I can pronounce Carrot, Lettuce, peach, apple, avocado, etc...  It's not that hard. 

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