Why pay good money for someone just to count your reps?

Repetition counting was and always will be the way people can stand up and call themselves trainers. But does that mean they actually know any valuable information about your body? 

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Remember, our bodies make a NASA space shuttle look like a lego set.  We are a living, breathing, feeling, organism that is made up of systems of systems.  Pointing at an exercise and saying, "lets do 10 of these" is as un-scientific as I can possibly imagine.  When training someone new, I first ask myself, "what is the need of the client"?  If they have over facilitated pectorals muscles, you will not find me telling them to do push-ups.  I find that most trainers just throw exercises in randomly to fill the time that they are being paid for with no reason whatsoever to do the exercise.  Exercises are meant to build and develop motor patterns. Doing an exercise simply because it is hard, or makes you "sweat" is why trainers get a bad reputation.  All you end up with is an injured client and a trainer looking for another victim.  The biggest disgrace I see is in the training of athletes.  I find that athletes have to survive their trainer instead of the sport they are playing.  Just because someone is an atheletes doesn't mean they should be punished in the gym to prove anything.  Athletes have much more wear and tear on their bodies than the average Joe.  Knowing this, they need much more rest periods and relaxation/sleep than the average Joe to compensate for the volume and/or intensity they put themselves through.  I have found by a large margin that athletes have the worst posture faults overall due to these stresses on their bodies. 

We use a simple rule: If you can lift a weight, you can place it back down.  Throwing a weight down after lifting it only demonstrates the inability to stabilize the spine to control the weight on its way down.  I know its not as macho to do, but it will save your spine, knees, shoulders... etc...

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