The Vicious Cycle of the Human Diet - What's your baby eating?

A real understanding of nutrition and physical regeneration by Price-Pottenger Foundation


The healing power of traditional foods

This is the best explanation for parents to start learning how to eat so they can teach their children how to eat as well.  Our kids only eat what we bring into the house.  If you know what to bring into the house, then you will eliminate all the diet related illness as well as gut disbiosis.  Let's stop playing games with our kids health and start raising healthy kids.  "In the early 90's, 1 in 10,000 were diagnosed with autism vs today, the rate is 1 in 88".  There are many reasons why this has happened, but healing the gut is our main focus.  Leaky gut is the main contributor to most health problems we see today.  Find out how to get started with this video. 


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