Still Dieting? How's it working for you? - Chatham, NJ

New Jersey seems to be a Mecca for "I see the best doctors, but I still feel miserable" 


These two "health gurus" fall on opposite sides of the health spectrum.  Taking just a quick glance at each person, you can clearly see which persons health plan works and which doesn't.  The one on the left follows a traditional healthy Paleo Diet, and the one on the right doesn't.  Just because someone writes a book on nutrition, doesn't mean it's accurate or correct in any way.  We always tell our clients, to follow what works.  If eating bagels and pancakes works to getting your results, then keep doing it.  (Obviously, it will never work, and that's why I don't have to "sell" people on eating according to their own metabolic type and genetic lineage). If your dream is to change and be healthier than you are now, something has to change right? What you have been doing all this time is why you are in the position you are in! That's why I warn new clients when they begin that I will be telling them things that are completely opposite to general knowledge about health, fitness, exercise, and diet.  Hence why it always works...

I always hear new clients tell me they are on a diet that was prescribed by their "Doctor".  My next question to them is, "How much corrective nutrition has your doctor studied in medical school"?  The answer is always, "I'm not sure"... Getting nutrition, exercise, or rehabilitation advice from a General Practitioner, MD, or any other doctor that is NOT an Osteopathy Doctor is complete sillyness.  It's like someone coming to my health and fitness studio with their car for an oil change.  The first Nutrition program in a University setting was funded by General Mills.  The food guide pyramid = General Mills... Follow the money trail and you end up with tons of grains produced by companies like General Mills.  

Rule #1:  Seek out help from qualified professionals who look and live the part of what you are trying to achieve.  That means, don't take advice from heavy, sickly, tired, or run down individuals who call themselves health professionals.   

Rule #2: Follow Rule #1 always.


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