Rehabilitation - The 5 steps of re-education of muscles

Anyone in need of serious pain relief that your doctor has not been able to take care of? 

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Rehabilitation is usually skipping past 3 other very important steps to eliminate pain.

1. Eliminate muscle spasm
2. Increase flexibility (ROM)
3. Training movement pattern
4. Strengthening (Physical Therapy tends to jump straight to this neglecting the rest).
5. Functional Training

Skipping steps is what lands you back into pain because your muscles were never re-educated out of that faulty recruitment pattern. Rehabilitation has become a dirty word in my industry.  I don't mind it because the rehab business keeps failing and it only sends more clients our way.  We use the term "medical fallout".  That term has an umbrella of all traditional sick care practice (Medical, dental, pharmacological, physical therapy, licensed nutritionists, and so on).  The more they fail, the more people are coming to realize that what we have been saying all along is true.  We don't need a $500,000 MRI machine to tell us that there is an injury to tendon or ligament tissue.  MRI's can not tell you how your body is dysfunctioning to cause the injury.  Chasing pain is where the medical field keeps getting it wrong.

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