Raw organic food distribution center raided at gun point

This is not anything new, and will not be the last time this will happen. Most people in New Jersey, especially near my health and personal training studio in Chatham, are completely unaware of the food that goes into their body.  Most kids (including most parents) growing up in our area believe milk comes from the big food store and not a cow, goat, or sheep.  They have no idea that farms are needed to produce food, and pasteurization is used entirely for distribution over long distances and not for health safety.  I have consumed raw milk products for many years and have never heard of anyone ever becoming sick from raw dairy.  If it was so detrimental to health, how did the human race survive 3 million years of evolution?  Pasteurization is a very new process in the grand scheme of human evolution.  We have only experienced tremendous health decay since that process has begun. 

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