Nutrition and your children's school - Early childhood education or premature aging?

What is your child being forced to eat in school?


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A diet composed of entirely processed wheat, processed dairy, and GMO soy is not a good start in the health in your child's development.  The food list above exemplifies the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) for the future of our children and it is exactly what the acronym spells...SAD. Unfortunately this hits home even harder for me since this is the meal plan menu at my son's early childhood school. Even though I am very content with the educational learning progressions in their program, the nutritional component is obviously lacking any essential nutrients or vision. 

I refuse to give in to this and opt for a more difficult but more beneficial plan for my son. This is not how I will choose to feed my one year old son, especially with such a new digestive system. It has only been 3 months since being weaned off of breast milk and this meal plan does not represent how a one year old toddler will eat. My wife and I have done our due diligence to make a more conscious effort to choose the best possible food for our son to enjoy and thrive from. My son, at the present time, only eats grass-fed or pastured meats cooked with coconut oil and organic produce (a smaller serving size of Paleo nutrition) with no gluten or wheat products and minimal organic dairy from reputable sources. I rotate his proteins daily and supplement with high quality cod liver oil for optimal growth and development. This school's meal plan offers wheat, gluten and dairy products all day long this create the inflammatory process at such an early age. They claim to be "working on their menu" but obviously it needs a lot of work in.

The human brain's main fuel source is glucose broken down into glycogen from the macro-nutrient carbohydrates. While this plan has carbs it is highly processed and lacks the essential nutrients for brain energy and development. For a young child to eat this food daily it will ultimately change their desire to eat and enjoy the whole meaning of food. The long term result will bring this child to be another statistic; whether it be obesity or some form of disease. Poor quality nutrient will yield poor quality behavior or performance and most parents wouldn't put the two together. Some may call my mindset to be extreme or radical for such a young child but maybe they should really due their due diligence and do the research for themselves. My child is not constipated, has never been sick, sleeps 13-15 hours per day, plays and smiles all day. I have nothing more to ask from my baby and I strongly believe this comes from passing on the knowledge and making the extra effort to educate myself and prepare his meals daily, even if it goes against the norm.

Being a professional fitness trainer for 15+ years has paved the way for me to share my knowledge and experience with my offspring or other children who care to learn as well.  Early Childhood Education carries over to nutrition and any other way a child or parent can opt for a healthier lifestyle and well-being without sacrificing life's pleasures. We still have a long way to go and I plan to make a change; starting in this school and then to other's who choose to follow.

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