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The Skin Never Lies


So hopefully, by this point you have been convinced of the importance of hydration but just to make sure here is how optimal hydration can also dramatically improve the health of your skin. 

If we go back to our earlier post we can recall that proper hydration is a daily commitment to providing our body with the right amount of mineralized water so that it can do its job of hydrating everything from your brain to your small pinky toe. Understanding how chronic dehydration can cause issues on many levels (remember from Part II) is very important to understanding how hydration plays a key factor in understanding its role in the attainment of clear, healthy skin.
If you have kept your body in a drought for a while it's priorities for hydration are much different than if you have been following some of the action items provided in Part I. Healthy, clear skin is the byproduct of being consistent with your commitment to hydrating your body. Only when the brain, gut, heart, eyes, spine, liver, stomach, sinuses, joints and inside of your cells are properly hydrated does the body consider sparing some of this water for the maintenance of your pimple-free face. 
The skin is the largest organ in the body and plays a very important role in our immune system, cardiovascular system, sensory nervous system and hormonal system (due to its role in Vitamin D3 synthesis, the smiling hormone). 90% of anything that comes in contact with the skin has the ability to access our general circulation, especially if it is in the form of a fat-soluble nutrient (coconut oil is the skin's best friend). Hopefully, this one piece of information makes you think a bit differently about all of the products that you putting on your face, skin or hair. Being such a large organ it takes a lot of resources to maintain optimal health of the skin, especially when hydrating billions new skin cells everyday. 
It is very important to understand that the health of the skin is a mirror reflection of your body's internal environment. This means that any disruption in the quality of the skin can be a sign of dis-ease inside the body. I commonly see this when performing my Biosignature Assessment ad it typically manifests itself as an inability on my part to take optimal measurements while using my calipers. What I typically feel and see is skin that lacks elasticity and feels/looks dry, and more often than not when clients begin to rehydrate and re-mineralize the skin begins to regain its elasticity which is followed by a skin that is much more pliable and free which makes it much easier to take good measurements. Skin that lacks elasticity and is dry can be compared to wearing a really tight wool sweater everyday of your life. Skin that is dry and immobile irritates the body, just like a wool sweater itches like crazy. Skin that is dehydrated and lacks the freedom to move which causes a large stress to the cardiovascular and immune system due to the additional stress of having to forcefully pump fluids through the body. This dehydrated state also affects the skin's ability to fight off infections, bacteria, make Vitamin D, pull in nutrients, eliminate nutrients, and work synergistically with the hundreds of muscles and nerves underneath it. 

So if your goal is clear, healthy skin these are the main take-home points from Part V:

  • Everyone's Skin Tells a story about the Health of their Body
  • Healthy Skin starts from the Inside-Out
  • Hydration of the Skin is not Priority, so Consistency is Key
  • Healthy Skin is Vital to a Healthy Cardiovascular, Hormonal, Immune and Neuromuscular System
  • Coconut Oil is Your Friend, Ditch your Regular Lotion and start Coconut Oiling
  • Hydrate to finally take off that tight, itchy wool sweater
  • Free Skin =  Free Body and Mind

All of the action items you need to start moving closer to hydrated, free, healthy and clear skin are provided in Parts 1-3. In my personal opinion, your best option is to sign up for a Biosignature Assessment where I will be able to assess your level of dehydration and customize an action plan to get you that much closer to the healthy, clear skin you want. 

Remember, keep it simple and enjoy the journey!
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