Ever hear of quackwatch.com?

I care about everyone's health and thought I should share this short story.

I had a great discussion today with a client who asked if I knew about a great health care provider that was "practicing medicine without a license".  I said, I bet I know where you got that information from... As I surprised her (knowing how big the internet is) I still was very positive it was coming from the garbage information site that tries to tell readers that good people do bad things.  I had explained that the AMA (American Medical Association) was funding this man to write nonsense about very good health providers to discredit them.  In my industry, we look forward to making their quack watch list because then we know we are starting to make a difference in peoples lives through noticing our program results.  I have been preaching to eat real organic food for my entire career and I will continue because I know this to be a fact in health.  Our bodies do not posses a drug deficiency no matter how many times a MD tells their patients that.  It will never be true.

Want to read more about this guy who calls himself a psychologist?


Dr. Stephen Barrett of Quackwatch Exposed In Court Cases

By the way, he has never passed his medical boards which would make him a real quack to stay far away from.