TV Fitness Fads - Injury and poor motor programming

Cheap Personal Training That Comes At a Cost

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I'm sure you've seen all the TV ads for P90X, The Firm, 8 minute abs, Insanity, and the most popular - kill your body and empty your wallet.  I'm just kidding, all the programs fall under that category.  I have a different opinion about these programs.  They are great for my business since 25% of my business comes from injury using these products.  I get to rehabilitate all the joint dysfunction they cause, cater to the stress load, and reprogram everyone's motor neurons that take 1000's of repetitions to correct where they only take a few hundred to develop a bad pattern. 

My first question is: What is your goal?  People forget why they are doing it and just focus on the paid TV talent that they see advertising the program.  "I want to look like they do".  99.9999% of TV talent don't use those workouts to look like they do.  I personally don't have a problem with any of those programs.  I have a problem with couch potatoes, who get out of breath climbing a single flight of stairs ordering these programs. 

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