Summit NJ Freshman of Lafayette learns how to correct pain and improve in Lacrosse

Most athletes are gifted enough to survive their coaches training - Holistic Wellness Network steps in to correct posture related aches to raise athletic potential

When I see the programs that students are placed on for their sport, I'm appalled by how little coaches know about the human body, order of progression, rest, sleep/wake cycles, food, nutrition, and function (to name a few).  Let's start with the one-size-fits-all training program.  Athletes in specific positions must train differently than in other positions.  When you hand the same program off to all your athletes, you get good results with some players, injuries with some, and regress with others.  Why not improve all athletes on your team by following the general rules of physiology. 

  1. Correct structure imbalances (loosen tight muscles, and tighten loose muscles).
  2. Isolate joints to increase range of motion in joints that are lacking.
  3. Integrate movement patterns that match that of the athletes position in their sport.
  4. Challenge athlete in the environment they are playing in.  (What are the surface conditions? Playing on water, ice, or solid ground? Is the ground moving under them or are they moving across the solid ground?
  5. Challenge the nervous system to work at a higher level then the actual sport by throwing in more unstable surfaces, odd shaped objects to handle, and other vestibular challenging exercises like closing eyes while performing their movement).

Dragging a sled across a parking lot with terrible form (head down, rounded spine, hyper ventilating, improper footwear, and a belly full of processed milk (sugar) & processed wheat (sugar cereal) can only lead to problems.  Where in any sport is an athlete dragging something or someone behind them for 40 yards?

There is one rule I teach my athletes and it's this: Increasing strength doesn't necessarily improve your sport performance.  Athletes are taught that they must bench press, squat, and dead lift as much as they possibly can, but that turns into "strength training" NOT sports training.  If your bench press is 500 lbs but you can no longer have full range of motion in your shoulder girdle, how can you improve as an athlete that requires throwing using a lacrosse stick?

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