New Year's Resolutions For Health and Fitness

Goal Setting for New Years

Once you realize you must act on your New Year's resolution, you will be bombarded by all the gimmicks out there regarding the best way to get into shape.  Holistic Wellness Network offers NO Gimmicks! If you are serious about your health and your temple, you  will realize that there is a single way to get there and that's simply eating according to your metabolic type and doing the correct exercise for your needs (Not what Shape magazine or Oprah says).  We start everyone off the same way no matter what time of year it is.  We do a full assessment, metabolic typing, and program you according to your end goals.

Goal setting is the most important task. If you don't know what you realistically want, how will you know when you get there?  Let us advise you on how long it will realistically take to get to your goals and don't rush the results.  It has taken you most of your life to get in the shape you are currently in, so asking for 6 months to 1 year of your life to correct all your imbalances is not asking a lot.  Our methods are proven to work over and over again as long as you are willing to follow them.  If you are not following the prescribed regimen anyone is prescribing for you, then don't expect any of the results.  Stop chasing your own tail and get started with real experts in nutrition, corrective exercise, posturology and realistic periodization (the art of choosing the correct intensity, tempo, repetition, load, speed, and power).

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