Hydration - How much water should you drink?

The solution to pollution is dilution!

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The simple answer is: 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day is the formula to get started with (200 lb person = 100 oz/day).  The reason this may seem high is because most people are so toxic that we need to dilute the toxins down enough to pass out of the body safely.  The more complex answer is: The more processed, cooked, and dehydrated your food is, the more water you need.  Also, the more synthetic drugs you place in your mouth, or ingredients that you can not pronounce on food labels, your liver will not like it.  If this is your normal daily intake, then you will need more water to assimilate, process and eliminate out of your body. When you live a simple clean life with quality grass fed meats, wild caught fish, organic vegetables, extra virgin olive oils, coconut (in any form), you will not need nearly as much water to digest, process, and eliminate your food. 

We all know that our bodies are made up of 70-80% water and need to have an intake of water to match that of the elimination of water.  When your elimination exceeds your intake, you begin to have dehydration issues. 

Most important sign of dehydration:

Dark urine is your first symptom you need to pay attention to. Most people will tell you it's "dry mouth", but dry mouth is more of a symptom of being overly sympathetic (stressed out/fight or flight).  The reason your mouth gets dry is because digestion begins in the mouth with saliva excretion.  When you become overly stressed, your digestion slows or stops, and dry mouth will occur at the same time.  In order for digestion to occur, your nervous system needs to be operating in a "parasympathetic" state (relaxed). Urine should be as clear as possible. The darker it is, the more stress your kidneys are going through to process and eliminate toxins out of the body. 

Don't over hydrate:

When you find yourself drinking water and running to the toilet soon after, your body has either too much water (over hydrated) or it is lacking in minerals/salts to be balanced in the body.  With all the filtered water these days, there are missing key nutrients that were in the water prior to filtering.  Mainly salt.  Salt in your drinking water (in its natural state from a well) contains the right electrolyte balance to properly absorb into your body.  Without those nutrients, your body thinks its over hydrated and causes a hormone (anti-diuretic hormone) to turn off which cause you to pee excessively. 

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