Fall asleep fast - drug free

How to better your sleep quality for free

Removing pain does not have to be a long process here in Chatham, NJ

Mary's update on her road to health and being pain free


Are you training to be a runner or a sprinter?

Aerobic vs. Anaerobic Exercise: Which will give me the body I want?


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Breath Work Basics With Paul Chek

How your respiration affects your whole physiology - Chatham, NJ



The Vicious Cycle of the Human Diet - What's your baby eating?

A real understanding of nutrition and physical regeneration by Price-Pottenger Foundation


The healing power of traditional foods

Look mom, I grew an extra arm! GMO's and Pesticides

Just because your governement tells you something is safe to eat doesn't make it true, ever

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Comprehensive List Of GMO Products

Comprehensive List Of GMO Products


Genetically Modified Organisms have been creeping their way into the food chain more and more each year.  Since we all know the damaging effects they have on the body, I thought it was important to get this list out so that the population is well informed on what they put into their body.

Hydration Part V - Skin Health

The Skin Never Lies


So hopefully, by this point you have been convinced of the importance of hydration but just to make sure here is how optimal hydration can also dramatically improve the health of your skin. 

Spinal Health - Hydration Part 4

A Hydrated Spine, Is a Healthy Spine

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Easy muscle release for sciatica rehabilitation from Springfield NJ client

Treating the problem or wasting away your insurance and deductibles? Fix the problem the right way the first time and not waste 9 years of your life or a small fortune.