Motorcycle race crash at 120 mph rehabilitation pain testimonial from Chatham NJ NKT therapy

From a scheduled surgery to 100% pain free in only 2 sessions of Neurokinetic Therapy

This is what happens when you get a proper evaluation and prescription of corrective exercise, and another example of what is possible with a bit of knowledge of the etiology of pain.

How Different Quality of Life is vs Quantity of Life

Living your life to the fullest is optimized by these 6 foundational principles


Breathing - Thoughts - Exercise - Nutrition - Water - Sleep

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Times have not changed at all since advertising has began

Start your kids addiction early!!!

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Under the Yellow Light, with Mark Sisson - Pay attention to your body

Be your own doctor by paying attention to your own body

Still doing cardio and expecting to lose weight?

There is a reason this t-shirt logo is so popular in the strength training world

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Paleo does not mean giving up on all modern technology

All my clients think I drive this:

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Rehabilitation - The 5 steps of re-education of muscles

Anyone in need of serious pain relief that your doctor has not been able to take care of? 

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Why pay good money for someone just to count your reps?

Repetition counting was and always will be the way people can stand up and call themselves trainers. But does that mean they actually know any valuable information about your body? 

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Got Scoliosis?

Have you ever been told that your scoliosis is something you were going to have to live with?