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Raw organic food distribution center raided at gun point

This is not anything new, and will not be the last time this will happen.

What a healthy 56 year old can do with great personal training instruction from Livingston NJ

This is a 56 year old runner cross training with high intensity full body work outs as well as learning how to “work in”.  Are you training or draining?  If you don't have enough energy to work out, what are you doing? Most people are already stressed out too far to even consider putting them through a "work out" session.  More than half the clients that come through our door are beat up and broken from that workout mentality.  Through doing a full structural, diet, sleep, and stress assessment, we can adequately instruct a client towards what they need and not what will break them.

Ever hear of

I care about everyone's health and thought I should share this short story.

4 White Devils

The following 4 groups of food are responsible for the majority of health problems in todays society. Eliminating them will drastically improve your health, vitality, emotions, abdominal bloating, and energy.