Body Building or Body Draining? Holistic Wellness Network Personal Training - Chatham, NJ

What a weight loss coach can do for you - What kind of body are you building?

Pilates - More harm than good?

Yes, more harm and very little good with Pilates

Ouch! I look at this and cringe. Look at the U-shaped flexion she is creating with this popular movement.  She is placing herself in the exact position we call "upper cross syndrome" or "forward head posture".

Real Food, Water, and Quiet

I'm sometimes called an "extremist" when it comes to how I live my life.  I demand eating real food, drink clean water, and get to bed on time.  Is that so extreme?

Correctly using cross fit training - Chatham, NJ - Holistic Wellness Network Personal Training

Partner Training - A smarter version of CrossFit that will not leave you injured

Barefoot Walking - Corrective Exercise - Chatham, NJ - Holistic Wellness Network Personal Training

Barefoot - Orthotics - Vibrams Five Finger sneakers are the closest you will get to being barefoot.

Wheat Belly and Underground Wellness with Sean Croxton

Still eating Wheat? Got a Belly? Listen up!

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4 Devils and 4 Angels of our food intake: Why eating Paleo is the healthiest approach to eating

The 4 white devils: They are "white" because they are void of color through processing the nutrition out of each item.  Dairy, salt, sugar, and wheat have a yellow hue in their natural state.