Paleo eating for dummies in the Summit, Chatham and Livingston area

Step 1. - Eliminate Wheat!

The hardest concept to understand and implement with eating a paleo diet is the elimination of wheat and dairy. The reason this is so hard is due to the wheat and dairy industry creating this misconception of what food really is.  For example, did you know that General Mills wheat producers were the commissioned to come up with the "food guide pyramid"? As we all know, General Mills sells lot and lots of grains to the general public, so it should not surprise you to find out that the largest portion of the food pyramid is all grains.  I simply say, "follow the money trail" and you will find out the motive to the message.  

I only sell my time as a service for learning how to eat, move, and live a long healthy life without the use of dangerous drugs. My motive to sell you on not eating grains does not make me any more money. It only makes you healthier and more vital.  There is no magic pill to shed weight, correct posture, feel better, or have proper bowl movements.  The human species has been around for around 3 million years and in the past 100 years, we have seen the worst decreasing health in all of history all due to poor quality agriculture.  Purple Gatorade sugar drinks don't grow on trees... We are being bombarded by so many different food chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, rodenticides, and dead mineral deficient soil that our livers are about to explode.  (which can lead to lots of posture problems as well).  Lets get our heads on straight and start voting with your dollars.  If we didn't buy the junk food, it wouldn't exist. 

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