"I can't" is the only dirty four letter word in peoples vocabulary

"I can't, I can't do that exercise or eat that way"

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As my mentor Paul Chek always says, "What you can't do, you must".  If we removed the word Can't from every ones vocabulary, things look a lot brighter.  It becomes an instant excuse in our clients minds as soon as they use that word.  I refuse to allow them to say that word in our studio.  Every time we remove the word, the client somehow instantly becomes able to do what was asked of them.  It's a miracle! The power of our minds in our belief system of simply saying a deadly word has instant negative results.  I only believe in positive results and positive feedback.  If a client allows themselves to loose sight of what their goals are, then we loose all progress. An example of this is when a client gives the "I can't eat that way on the weekends" excuse, then we know they lost track of their goals.  It's showing that drinking and staying up too late on the weekend is much more important to them then their goals.  If you are not clear on your goals, then you leave lots of room for error, excuses, and procrastination. 

So, when you "can't - sleep at night, poop, propel your body up a flight of stairs, eat real food, or concentrate" feel free to call/email us at Holistic Wellness Network to assist you in removing that word from your vocabulary and get you on the right path to health.



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