Body Building or Body Draining? Holistic Wellness Network Personal Training - Chatham, NJ

What a weight loss coach can do for you - What kind of body are you building?

Do you want to look like a body builder?  No? Then why are you training like one? Most gyms are training clients to follow body builder workouts which are from the dinosaur age. Ask yourself, what kind of body would I like to have? Is it a long distance runners (skinny, and very tight and in lots of pain)? A sprinter (Lean and mean)? A couch potato? I would look closely at what those athletes are doing for their own workouts, and try following a similar program.  Stop being a hamster on the treadmills if you see that it is not working for you.  

Holistic Wellness Network is dedicated to finding the cause of your pain, and working towards your individual goals. Strength training is more main stream now and more accepted. I remember having long conversations with female clients that they would not bulk up and grow a beard if they touch a heavy weight. We have come a long way from body building and continue to pursue the best methods possible to achieve the highest health potential.

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