Grass-Fed vs. Corn-Fed Beef

How real farmers use technologies without taking out natures way


Now you are not allowed to lift weights in some gyms

No Dead Lifting, or Else!

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Results of NKT on baseball athlete with dislocating shoulder Chatham, NJ

New shoulder in 5 minutes with Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT)

Now that you have mastered rubbing your belly and patting your head...

Shoulder and hip mobility training using heavy rope and gravity


We are not in CA, but...... Prop 37 affects us all

Prop 37: Another way big agriculture is going to destroy more peoples' health



Does your Halloween Candy Contain GMO?

This is not the sugar your grandma used to use anymore


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Is The End of Monsanto Near? Let's pray....

Is the end of Monsanto within reach?

David Getoff Facts about Cholesterol from Attaining Optimal Health in the 21st Century-Class

The Truth In Cholesterol by David Getoff

David Getoff is a Naturopath, Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist,
is Board-Certified and a Fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine and Vice President of the internationally renowned non-profit Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation(


What is Biosignature?

The Science of Fat Loss

As a Biosignature Practitioner my job is to identify a client's biggest roadblock to optimal health and vitality. The Biosignature Assessment accomplishes this by identifying any underlying deficiencies or imbalances in the most critical hormones related to optimal health and body composition;